Solar power system contrdler
Solar Recharge Controller
SLD-B series solar half power put controller
SLD-S series solar energy utility complementary

Multifunctional solar double time controller
Solar double ways of output lamps controller
street lamps special controller
12V24V miniature solar recharge controller

Shenzhen YiDeFei electronic technology Co., LTD is located in shenzhen city, guangdong province, is a first-class solar photovoltaic field experts and technicians, committed to the green energy sustainable development, the specialty is engaged in photovoltaic power and wind power equipment r &d, production, sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises.
Our products and services widely used in solar energy lamp lighting, communication station, automatic monitoring, traffic monitoring and warning, etc; At the same time for the family, the village, schools, hospitals, border posts, island etc ......

·Congratulates th      (2011/2/24)
·Congratulates th      (2011/2/24)
·Congratulates th      (2011/2/24)
·How to choose an      (2011/2/24)
·Solar street lam      (2011/2/24)
·Solar inverter      (2011/2/24)
·Product data dow      (2011/2/24)
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